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Precision Insulation Arlington is ready to provide the safest and most astounding insulation services all at a very affordable price; making their company the perfect choice to hire if you’re living in or near Texas. Whether you’re looking for a team that will assist you in installing a new high-quality insulation type or removing your old one, their team is ready to give you the best and most hassle-free experience you’ll ever have.

Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation has many advantages and benefits and has proven to be the most effective when it comes to meeting all insulation needs of home and business owners around the world. Spray foam can protect the overall structure of your home for decades, saving you the cost of refurbishment and repair.

Attic Insulation

Since the attic is one of the most important parts of the house, installing a reliable insulation type in it should be prioritized by every homeowner whether they are fighting against too much heat or intense cold. This home investment is a way to ensure that your home will be capable of maintaining the best temperature it needs without the help of any other devices.

Fiberglass Insulation

Many home and business owners are enamored with fiberglass insulation because it is definitely an insulation type perfect for those with a limited budget for a home upgrade and more importantly, it doesn’t take much time for this insulation type to be perfectly installed on various integral parts of a residential or commercial building such as the ceiling, floors, and floors.

Blown-in Insulation

If you’re looking for a home project that is best in repairing and enhancing an old home, blown-in insulation would be the best choice to invest a significant amount of money in. This home upgrade entails a delicate installation process but with the help of specialized equipment, rest assured that the whole process will still be as time-efficient as ever.

Residential Insulation

Residential insulation is a very reliable home investment project when it comes to producing a home that features many benefits such as energy efficiency, enhanced soundproofing ability, and more importantly, the ability to easily produce and maintain the most ideal temperature that every room in your home needs to make it a space where there is comfort and safety.

Commercial Insulation

From enhancing its energy efficiency to making sure that it can easily protect its occupants during harsh weather conditions, commercial insulation has absolutely helped countless business owners in bringing out the best in their commercial property. Choosing the right insulation type for your building has a huge impact on the comfort it gives you and in keeping the structural integrity of your property.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does insulation cost?

Each household has a different price to pay when it comes to installing insulation. The insulation type that you would prefer to install in your home would be the very first aspect that will dictate the total price and then you need to check the total square footage of the area where insulation is needed. Another factor to consider to identify the price of your insulation project is the rate that your chosen insulation contractor will be suggesting upon booking their services.

How long does spray foam take to dry?

Most of the time, it’s possible for the foam to be tack-free after about 20 to 60 minutes but you can speed up the whole process once you try misting water in between the foam layers or on the substrate itself. The full cure of this insulation type can take about 8 to 24 hours although a few factors may affect the time needed to achieve this such as the quality of the product and the weather conditions the day it was applied.

How long does spray foam insulation last?

With proper installation and utmost maintenance, it’s possible for spray foam to last from 80 to 100 years or in other words, for the lifetime of your home! It’s not a secret that this insulation type can easily hold itself and maintain its shape once it dries and even its roof applications are capable of lasting for 30 years and beyond as long as it gets proper long-term maintenance.

How many inches of insulation do I need?

There’s only one way to know how many inches of insulation your home needs to keep its overall thermal performance at its most ideal state and that is by doing a few easy measurements in various parts of your home. The first step is to get the accurate height measurements of the doors as well as the windows. Multiply these measurements with each other and subtract from the entire square footage of the walls.

What is R-value?

The term R-value basically stands for the thermal resistance of a certain insulation type or in other words, how well an insulation type can resist a notable amount of heat. The higher the R-value of your insulation type, the better the insulation performance, and you are guaranteed that it can maintain a cool atmosphere inside your home no matter how hot the climate may be.

Benefits of Insulation

What are the advantages of an insulated home?

Energy savings

Installing insulation is one of the wisest ways to lower your annual energy bills and achieve bigger energy savings every year. Insulation can maintain the overall thermal performance that your home needs to become a comfortable space for you without the help of any other cooling or heating devices; hence lowering your energy costs and adding a significant amount to your energy savings.

Good for the environment

When you install high-quality insulation in your home you also help in lowering greenhouse gas emissions which is a good way to protect the environment. The reduced use of any heating and cooling appliances also helps in lowering the emissions of sulfur oxide, carbon dioxide, and many other pollutants that may contribute to the further destruction of the environment.

Reduce noise

Insulation acts as a thick and solid barrier that can easily defend your home against any unnecessary sounds and dampen street noise that may invade your space and disrupt the comfort that you can experience in your home. Insulating your ceilings, walls, and floors will automatically reduce sound transmission and protect you against the noise brought by bad weather conditions.

Higher resale value

Installing insulation in your residential property results in many advantages and benefits such as lower energy bills, better soundproofing ability, and a greater overall thermal performance and structural integrity that can last for a lifetime. All these benefits and more are what homebuyers are looking for in a property, so you can sell your home at a higher resale value and get a payback twice the money you spent for the home upgrade.

Protect exterior walls of your home

The exterior walls of your home are the first ones to defend your home against the extreme heat of the sun or the rainstorms brought by bad weather conditions. Installing insulation in your exterior walls will keep them protected against these factors that are known to easily shorten their lifespan and the other thing is, it can also enhance your facade.

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