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Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation is an insulation type where loose materials with a high and reliable R-value are utilized throughout the process of stuffing spaces and closing holes, particularly in attic floors where a lot of heat and cold may travel and produce a home that is not safe and comfortable enough for its occupants. For blown-in insulation, there are still other materials that can be used for its installation but throughout the years, homeowners have preferred the use of cellulose since it is better when it comes to resisting too much cold and heat plus it also has the remarkable ability to resist mold as a way to protect the residential property against gradual damage.

Blown-in insulation is one of the insulation types with a very interesting installation process due to its use of a mechanical hopper or blower, as the name suggests, to blow the insulation materials through a hose and towards walls, floors, and any other spaces of a home where insulation is said to be required. Home and business owners should take note that since there is a use of specialed equipment, the presence of a professional insulation installer is required to perfectly insulate the whole place; needless to say, installing blown-in insulation is not a home project that should be done by homeowners themselves as a way to foster safety and just to make sure that their property has excellent insulation that only the professionals can offer them.