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Arlington, TX

Arlington has become one of the largest cities on Texas soil due to its 394,266 total population as of 2020. This city is recognized for its history of having high-quality agricultural and cotton ginning products and today, Arlington is home to a thriving aerospace and automotive industries. Its climate features mild but cool winters and dry, humid summers perfect for different activities throughout the year.

Keller, TX

Keller is a suburban city with a population of 47,213 based on its 2019 census report and like any other city in Texas, it also has a humid subtropical climate where you can expect to experience cool winters and hot, dry summers. With low crime rates, Keller remains to be one of the best places to spend your vacation time in without worrying about your safety.

Euless, TX

According to its 2020 census, Euless’ population is now at 61,032 and is expected to grow in a notable number over the next few years. This city is known for holding what is one of the biggest concentrations of Tongans outside the jurisdiction of Tonga. Euless has a temperate climate that features a good amount of rainfall even during its hottest months.

Bedford, TX

The astonishing city of Bedford is situated in the “Mid-Cities” area and has a population of 46,979 as of 2010. This city has a lot to offer especially if you’re looking for a city to spend your holidays shopping in stunning shopping malls and also has industrial parks where you can take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery the city offers.

Saginaw, TX

Saginaw is a small city in Tarrant County that now holds the title of fastest-growing municipality in Texas’ northern region. Saginaw, with a population of 24,310 people as of 2019, is known for having a small-town feel yet with services and activities comparable to those found in larger towns. This city is proud of its welcoming and secure environment.

Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound has hot, dry summers and windy, chilly winters, making it one of the cities in the state with a fantastic climate ideal for the year-round celebrations. Flower Mound, which has a population of 75,956, offers residents and visitors thrilling bike and hiking routes as well as a diverse range of recreational opportunities.

Burleson, TX

As of its 2019 census report, the small community of Burleson has a total population of 48,225. Known for its humid subtropical climate, you can expect summers to be hot and humid and experience cool but short winters whenever you visit Burleson. This city also offers various activities and attractions that its residents and tourists can enjoy during their stay.

Grand Prairie, TX

If you’re looking for a stunning and safe city to spend your holiday break-in, the City of Grand Prairie is the perfect destination for you. This city features fun adventures and peaceful places where you can relax with your family while ensuring your safety throughout your stay. Grand Prairie is home to 200,640 residents based on its 2020 census which makes it the 16th largest city in its state.